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1What is Core Centre Online – Talk2Alex platform?
Core Centre Online provides a one-on-one connection where youth and adults can receive support away from the eyes and opinions of others via our safe, secure and confidential platform: Some people have hesitated to seek traditional face-to-face counselling in fear that they may appear weak, laughed at, judged inadequate or unacceptable to those around them. By using an online form of communication, we are meeting you in a way that you are comfortable and most familiar with.
2What issues I can talk to my counsellor about?
You can talk to your counsellor about any issue that is affecting you. Our counsellors are trained to assist with mental health challenges or illness such as depression and anxiety, conflicts with family and friends, sexual and gender identity and more.
3Why must I provide my personal information?
Providing personal information to Core Centre Online assists us in understanding you better. Core Centre Online is required to collect personal information in the event we suspect you are at risk to yourself, others, or a victim of abuse.
4Who are the counsellors?
Our counsellors, with exception of life and career coaches, are registered with their professional governing body, background-checked and carefully vetted. We also offer life and career coaching for youth with certified counsellors. They are caring and compassionate professionals who provide quality healthcare without judgement. To learn more about our team of online counsellors, click here: https://corecentre.online/our-counselors/
5Can I meet counsellor in person?
Core Centre Online focuses on delivering an online service that can be accessed remotely. This gives Core Centre Online the flexibility to hire counsellors from across the country. If in-person counselling is right for you, please contact us at info@corecentre.ca or visit www.corecentre.ca for more information.
6I am in crisis. Can counsellor help me?
Core Centre Online is not a crisis support service. However, your safety is our top priority. Please visit Help button for more information on accessing local crisis services.

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