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In Person Psychotherapy
IdealMe | Raising Successful and Healthy Child
In Person Psychotherapy

Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessments for adults are comprehensive evaluations designed to understand an individual’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning. These assessments are conducted using a variety of tests and procedures, taking into account information from the individual and relevant sources such as schools or workplaces. These assessments aim to identify intellectual abilities, learning disabilities, developmental delays, behavioral issues, mood or emotional concerns, and social issues.


Client Input:
Gathering information directly from the individual undergoing assessment is crucial. This may involve discussions about their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and any specific concerns they may have.

Collateral Information:
Input from parents, caregivers, or significant others provides a broader perspective on the individual’s functioning, as they may observe aspects that the individual may not be aware of or may not accurately report.

Educational or Occupational Information:
Information from educational or occupational settings may be essential. This can include performance reviews, work evaluations, or academic records.

Accommodations and Modifications:
Based on the assessment results, accommodations and modifications may be recommended. Accommodations are adjustments that allow individuals to access the same material on an equal footing, such as extended test-taking time or a quiet testing environment. Modifications involve changes to the material itself, tailoring the learning experience to the individual’s needs.

Purpose of the assessment:
Assessment can help to access support in higher education or the workplace. Accommodations and modifications can be applied in university, college, or professional settings to ensure optimal functioning.


Access to Services:
Individuals, particularly in educational settings, may become eligible for grants, bursaries, or other support services if they register with accessibility services. This facilitates the provision of necessary accommodations, ensuring success in academic or professional pursuits.

Ongoing Support:
The assessment process extends beyond the initial evaluation. Ongoing support involves periodic reevaluations to track progress, adjustments to accommodations based on changing needs, and collaboration with relevant professionals. This ensures sustained success and well-being in various life domains.

Psychological assessments for adults aim to provide a holistic understanding of an individual’s cognitive and emotional functioning, identify challenges, and offer tailored recommendations and support to enhance their overall well-being and success in various life domains.