Psychological Assessment
Stress and Burnout Therapy
Psychological Assessment
Stress and Burnout Therapy

In Person Psychotherapy

At Core Centre we provide personalized and compassionate in-person and online psychotherapy services. We understand that every individual’s journey is unique, and our dedicated team of experienced therapists is here to support you on your path to mental and emotional well-being.

Our Approach
At Core Centre, we believe in a client-centered approach, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs and goals. Our highly skilled and licensed therapists create a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and challenges. We emphasize a collaborative and empowering therapeutic relationship, fostering self-discovery and growth.

What to Expect
When you choose in-person psychotherapy or counseling at Core Centre, you can expect a warm and inviting environment that promotes open communication. Our therapists are trained in a variety of evidence-based modalities, allowing us to customize your treatment plan for maximum effectiveness. Whether you’re seeking support for anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or life transitions, we are dedicated to helping you navigate and overcome challenges.


Holistic Approach: We understand the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, and our therapists address mental health within a holistic framework.

Confidentiality: Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. All sessions are conducted in a secure and confidential environment.

Collaborative Care: We work collaboratively with you to set achievable goals and milestones, celebrating successes along the way.

Compassion and Empathy: Our therapists are committed to providing a compassionate and empathetic space where you feel heard, understood, and supported.